16th Bomb Group
16th Bombardment Squadron
Very Heavy

From the 501st Bomb Group history report for the period 1 March 1945 through 31 May 1945.

Four enlisted men, cooks from the 485th Bombardment Squadron deceased as follows: Pfc Martin P. Lantosh, Pfgc R. L. Phillips, Pfc James A. Mc Carty, Pvt George S. Barna.

On the evening of 24 May, 1945 around 1900 hours, the aforementioned deceased were driving in a weapons carrier north along the road toward Northwest Field Housing Area north of "Joint Communications Activiteis," Guam. A bull dozer working by the side of the road had punctured an aviation gas line and the resultant spray of gaso line caused a largepercipitation in the form of haze over the road. When their vehicle entered, the fumes ignited. As a result of the burns Pfc Mc Carty died at 2357 hours 24 May, 1945; Pvt Barna died at 0300 25 May, 1945; Pfc Lantosh died at 2300 25 May, 1945; Pfc Phillips died at 1500 26 May, 1945; Pfc Phillips was buried at Military Cemetery number two (2), Guam on 27 May, 1945. Prcs Mc Carty, Lantosh and Pvt Barna were buried in the same cemtery on 26 May, 1945.

Pfc Martin P Lantosh, MOS 060 (cook) Pfc R.L. Phillips, MOS 345 (Driver, Light Truck) Pfc James A McCarty, MOS 932 (Pharmacy Specialist) Pvt George S Barna, MOS 590 (Duty Soldier)

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