On July 13, 1945 on a bombing mission to Kasasaki, Japan; B-29B aircraft 42-63653, was disappeared without a trace with all 10 members of crew 32 of the 16th Bomb Group. The crew was:

1Lt James C Crim, Aircraft Commander
1Lt Richard M Labadie, Pilot
1Lt Lester E Farver, Navigator
1Lt Ralph B Wagner, Bombardier
2Lt Robert E Champ, Jr., Radar Operator
Sgt Frederick J Stumpe, Flight Engineer
Sgt Kenneth H Seymour, Radio Operator
Sgt Charles L Beale, Left Scanner
Sgt Othe Luttrell, Right Scanner
Sgt Gerald D Bonne, Tail Gunner

Missing Aircrew Report (MACR) Number 14913 was assigned to this loss.

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September 1, 2011