MACR 14499, for missing B-29B aircraft, 44-83942. On 30 August 1945, the crew from the 502nd Bomb Group, 411th Bomb Squadron, was on a mission to the Philippines to pick up parachutes for prisoner of war (POW) supply missions. Last known location of the aircraft was about 200 miles East of Florida Blanca Field, Philippine Islands. Eight crewmembers and 2 passengers were on board the aircraft.

1Lt William J Pananes, AC
2Lt Ralph C Osborne, Pilot
2Lt Joseph G Folgosi, Navigator
2Lt Clarence A Neumann
M/Sgt Aaron S Gardner
S/Sgt Carl G Hagstrom
S/Sgt William L Snyder
Sgt Frank T Williams, Jr.
S/Sgt Melvin L Winchester
M/Sgt Ralph H Reed

Aircraft took off at 1026K from Florida-Blanca Field, Philippine Islands. At approximately 1120K a normal routine radio contact was made with Ground Station Northwest Field, Guam giving ETA of 1700K. No other information known or available.

On a flight to Manila, airplanes of the 411th Squadron took off from the Philippines to return to Guam. Crews landing at base reported very bad weather enroute, possible a typhoon. Consequently, anxiety spred through the group when it became apparent late the night of 31 August that Captain William J. Pananes and his crew were overdue.
As time passed with no word, search parties were sent out to scour the sea of his flight path. No traces were found except an empty life raft. Sadly the Group added these casualties to it's list/

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September 1, 2011